Sony MXP 3000

Pearmain has always remained at the fore front of technologies. We were one of the first CD mastering houses in the 90’s. We recorded to a vintage MCI JH16 2” 16 track and Tascam DA 88 multitracks. These were the professional tools  of the time. Currently Pearmain’s main recorder is a DAW based mac system utilizing Digital Performer 9.0. The days and costs of 2” tape are no more. The main DAW is tied in with 24 i/o busses  to the Sony or it can be mixed in the box We learned vintage gears’ sonic finger print and compared these ‘in the box’ settings to its analogue predecessors. Be it an analogue flange from a two track tape or a live room mic’d and used for its reverb. For some projects, the owner, Guy still likes to mix out of the box through the Sony and ‘squish’ that to a stereo mix recorded to a second DAW at 24 bit 96khz or better. There is an imaging difference and depth of mixes that you can not obtain with in the box mixes. If you worked on an in the box mix and were happy with its character and never heard it out of the box you would not know it could be different or better. The mix. the song sounds good, don’t beat it with a dead horse, you’re done!

The main  work station is free from reflective surfaces. ( a console)  The screens, audio monitors and  keyboard and track pad float and do not impart reflections.

Main DAW


Past Clients Include:

Al Ferrante
Arlen Roth
Box Car
Black Dog
Dave Templeton
Donna Summer
Flower Land
Guy Dadelle
Joaquin Leivano
IMP Music
Kazoo Crew
Larry Demming
Marcus Paul
Paul Nelson
Snuff Box
The Highland Rovers
Tim Thompson
Tracy James
Tragic Sam
Violinus Audacity
War Fare

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