Home Theater

Pearmain services and installs  many lines of pro audio products for all your home & business theater and studio  applications. From Atlas stands to Zoom field recorders we know aesthetics can be the first choice of a design for a home theater system.  We don’t push only one manufacture’s line as the best solution. 

 Go ahead. Look around. Compare  products to the competition.  We have designed and installed for esoteric quad channel phonographs, customized  third channel speakers of a stereo source or a tri-amped, sub woofer  array for live music.

Today’s audio systems are complex, far from the simplistic components of yesteryear. Surround sound requires costly test and development gear to keep up with changing standards, and even power amps need microprocessor control to ensure highest performance and longest life. Pearmain makes the investment in equipment, design  and staff to ensure we can provide great, modern components in the ever changing world of audio and video reproduction. The only thing permanent is change. Our studio  devision has  probably recorded the VO, music  or folley for that hit movie you are about to stream in your music room!


Krell, Yamaha, Sony, Emotiva, Phillips, LG, Rotel, Pioneer, JBL, Lexicon, Tannoy, Dynaco, Hafler, Crown, Bricasti, QSC, Peavey, View Sonic, McIntosh, Kef, Polk

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