Emotiva Stealth 8

We recently upgrade the control room monitors with a pair of Emotiva Stealth 8’s.  WOW !  seems to be the common reaction.  After I shot the main room looked at the response graph from 18khz to 20khz, the line was flat and I could extrapolate that it was extending well out beyond 20K.   Many HI FI audio buffs use these as their stern main in a  5.1 surround system.  The low end response is incredible and are rated to  -6db at 32khz.

“I thought the step up to the Airmotive 6’s from my Tannoys was impressive. The step up from the Air 6 to the Stealth 8’s is just as impressive”  Jim D  Producer, Engineer, Musician.

“ I can hear the snowflakes falling in a recording go a rock concert”, Guy L. Owner Producer

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